Stone Meats


Stone Meats is an industry leader and innovator in the technology needed to keep our product, and those who consume it, safe and healthy.

If there is a better and safer way to produce high-quality ground beef we will find it. We worked extensively with Chad Equipment, LLC, a Birko Company, to develop a custom designed anti-microbial intervention system specific to Stone Meats requirements to significantly reduce the bacteria counts inherent in all raw meat.  Significant reductions in bacteria means significant reductions in the potential risk of food-borne illness.

Stone Meats works closely with the Utah Agricultural Experimentation Station, Utah State University in Logan, Utah, in conducting studies to further their industry-leading understanding of the meat production process.  

One study, published in the Journal of Food Science, Vol. 67, Nr. 9, 2002, studied different processing procedures to ensure safety, desirability and taste in ground beef. This study has been referenced more than 75 times in other academic papers, showing the importance of the research.

Another study, done in conjunction with USU and Birko, looked at the use of Beefxide(R) on ground beef properties.  This study will be presented at the 2013 Institute of Food Technologists’ annual meeting in Chicago, in July, and examined flavor, color and bacterial reduction in ground beef. To read more click here Beefxide Treatment.

This innovation and leadership has been recognized by the North American Meat Association where Burke Stone served on the Board of Directors.